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This is not your grandpa's business world. Global business and technology have dramatically changed business travel. People are zipping around in accelerated 24-hour trips. They are travel masters, bypassing long security lines and strategically maximizing space in their carry-on luggage. There's one dilemma they still face: how to keep their shoes in good shape. Frequent travel can be brutally rough on shoes, which are often a staple part of a person's wardrobe.

Pressure in luggage can cause creasing, wrinkling and general misshaping - unfortunate damage to a great pair of shoes. Let's be real - sleek, sharp shoes have a major role in your overall presentation. Like some of the best inventions in history, the Shoemerang idea began with determination to discover a solution to a frustrating problem.

Weekly trips for a young businessman introduced him to a travel dilemma. He feared arriving to meetings in wrinkled, dented shoes and wanted to find a way to keep his shoes looking great. However, cedar and other wooden shoes trees used at home were too heavy and cumbersome for his limited-luggage, short trips. Plastic and so-called travel friendly inflatable shoe trees didn't cut it. He tried crumpled newspapers, socks and underwear as shoe trees alternatives but they all failed to provide the support necessary to protect the shoes, particularly in the toe area. Travel-friendly shoe trees needed to be flat for discreet, easy storage in computer bags and briefcases.

They needed to be lightweight They needed to be customizable to fit any shoe size or type. And, most importantly, they needed to provide reliable, full shoe protection. Multiple prototypes, real-travel testing, multiple patents pending and one year later, the Shoemerang shoe trees are born. Shoemerang, a family-run, startup company, is thrilled to bring to the world their modern version of the classic solution. Thank you for your support.

Made in the USA

We're committed to American made products. Shoemerang shoe trees are manufactured with minimal waste and assembled in Michigan. Its packaging is produced in New York. Customer service, order fulfillment and marketing services are managed in Michigan.

The story behind the Shoemerang name

Ever try to name a product, especially one you invented? Not so easy. In the middle of a lengthy what-should-we-call-it naming discussion, someone tossed a shoe tree prototype across the room, much to the joy of the family dog.

It was a boomerang-like throw, err, a shoemerang-like throw, someone observed. Bingo.

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